Cabinet Refacing with 100% Solid Maple

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Transform Your Kitchen with Cabinet Refacing by Cabinet Renew

When it comes to transforming your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, look no further than Cabinet Renew!

Cabinet Renew is your premier choice for kitchen cabinet transformation. We take pride in offering an exceptional solution to breathe new life into your kitchen – Cabinet Refacing. Our exclusive 100% Solid Maple replacement doors, proudly made in the USA, are the foundation of your kitchen’s remarkable makeover.

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Elevate Your Kitchen with 100% Solid Maple Doors

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, quality matters. That’s why we use 100% Solid Maple replacement doors in our Cabinet Refacing process. Here’s what sets our doors apart:


Solid Maple is renowned for its strength and resilience, ensuring your kitchen cabinets look great and stand the test of time.


Every door is meticulously crafted with precision and care right here in the USA, reflecting a commitment to quality that’s second to none.


Choose from a wide range of styles, finishes, and profiles to create a kitchen that’s uniquely yours. We are here to help you find the perfect fit for your vision.

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When to Consider Cabinet Refacing

Sometimes age, damage, or style of your current cabinets won’t allow for repainting or refinishing alone. In these instances, if the boxes are still in good condition, refacing is a great option to a full remodel. Compared to refinishing, refacing allows for a broader range of customization, but the factory grade finish is exactly the same!

Some Common Examples of when we would recommend refacing would be if your cabinets are:

  • Laminate
  • Thermofoil
  • Outdated
  • Oak grain
  • Damaged beyond saving
  • You just don’t like the design
  • You are looking for 5 piece doors

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Not All Cabinet Painting is Equal!

Painting cabinets can be tricky business. Most people who think of painting their cabinets think of a paint brush or roller application by your standard interior painting professional. While this can be an inexpensive approach, it is NOT what we offer at Cabinet Renew.

We offer only Factory Quality Refinishing. Meaning your cabinets receive the EXACT same treatment that brand new cabinets receive. Our signature process allows us to offer you refinished cabinets that look, last, and feel like they just came from a showroom.


Custom Finishes


Achieved by applying a transparent, semi-transparent, or colored coating to the grooves and bevels found on cabinet doors. Particularly used with traditional raised panel styles, to highlight the architectural features such as the molding, corners, and bevels. At Cabinet Renew, we have our experts hand apply the pinstripes to give you a one of a kind look and feel.

Full Glazing

Glazing creates a darkened highlight along profiles and corners to accentuate the detail of the cabinet door style. The glaze adds a subtle wash of color to the base stain color, darkening the overall color slightly and creating a subtle brush-stroked appearance. Glaze finishes can be both stained and painted finishes. This goes great with a large variety of styles. Some people will complete their entire kitchen with a glaze while others choose to highlight an island or accent piece in the kitchen.

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Here are some great examples of completed Cabinet Refacing Jobs where the homeowners were 100% satisfied!


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